Iowa Barber License

Iowa Barber License

Iowa Board of Barbers controls the licensure process for state-level barbers. As we all know, barbers mainly work with men, cut and style their hair. So when is it high time to apply for a license?

Whenever you feel like you want to own a barbershop business or upgrade your mastery level you can apply for a state license. What do you need for the application? Let’s check it out.

You need to pass 2100 hours of training

Unlike New Hampshire that requires its residents to fulfill 800 hours of training, in Iowa, those who want to get licensed should pass 2100 hours of training.  State training includes both theoretical and practical components. In order to be eligible for testing, the course you have completed must fulfill the board’s standards for both.

Theory courses last for 380 hours and touch upon such subjects as law, chemistry, ethics, sanitation, etc.  The practical course lasts 1675 hours and includes topics from shaving to manicuring and waxing.

Some schools also have advanced courses that mean you go even deeper in the subject and later you will have no problem with continuing education requirements.

You need to take an exam for the Iowa Barber License

Whenever you have completed the training, your next step is taking an exam. To register in the portal you should get an approval letter from your school. There are two examinations required: theoretical and practical. Both of them are written and computer-based exams.

Before the testing, it’s recommended to get acquainted with the information, the board sends you by email. There is all the required information about the terms, conditions and everything you need to know.

The whole process is organized by PSI services. The theoretical one lasts up to 90 minutes. The fee is $55 and you must pay it to PSI. After an examination in up to 10 days, you get your results. To successfully pass the exam, you should score at least 70%.

After you are successfully done with the theoretical part, you should fill in the request form for the practical one. The application should include:

  • The certificates and diplomas (GED)
  • ID
  • Cheques of payments

The fee for the practical one is $75 and it is usually paid 4 times a year.

Take into account that it may take some time for the board to review your request. That’s why it’s recommended to send your request at least 5 working days before you plan to pass it.

If you have owned the certification before, you should also provide the previous license and have held it for at least a year. Here is the address on which you should mail the documents:

Iowa Board of Barbering
Iowa Department of Public Health
Bureau of Professional Licensure
Lucas State Office Building, 5th Floor
321 East 12th Street
Des Moines, IA 50319-0075

Iowa locations for the testing are:

  • West Des Moines
  • Council Bluffs
  • Cedar Rapids

Proceed with the Iowa Barber License application

Finally, after the successful completion of all the required actions, you should wait for the answer to your response. As whenever you score 75% on both exams you fill in the request form to get licensed. Generally, it takes 14 days to review your testing and 5 working days to finish the licensure process.

Have you done all these? Congrats! Now you can open your own business or apply for a job in a great company.

Should you renew your Iowa Barber License?

Surely! Once in two years, you should apply for renewal. The due date is by 30th of June. The renewal is possible if you have about 60 days left.

For the first time, you don’t have to complete continuing education. However, the second time you have to provide 8 credits.

The renewal is available online. You also have to attach the cheques of payments.

Amalik B

Amalik B

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