Iowa HVAC license

Iowa HVAC license

Looking to get your HVAC license in Iowa? This article provides all the details on what and how to do.

Does Iowa require an HVAC license?

To practice in Iowa, an HVAC specialist should meet lots of requirements. Iowa Plumbing & Mechanical Systems Board manages all the licensures.

How do I get my HVAC license in Iowa?

The first step is to apply for an apprentice program. An apprentice participates in notional and practical training classes. It involves learning the design, installation, and repair of HVAC.

Apprentice courses include 144 hours of practical and notional study. You will pass training controlled by a journeyman or a master. After passing the course, you can apply for an apprentice license.

For an apprentice license, apply either online or by paper form to IPMS. The requirements state you should be at least 18 years of age. Inform about your criminal background. Proof of enrollment in an apprentice program is also necessary.

PMSB gives an apprentice license for a two-year period which costs $50.
At the end of the program, you are ready to get an HVAC-R license.

How to apply for Journeyman-level license

You can apply for the journeyman-level once you have completed a 4-year apprenticeship. Later, United States Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship should approve the program you passed.

The IPMSB also requires criminal background checks and certification of a journeyman test.

Kirkwork community college held journeyman test for each trade discipline. You should submit a $35 fee of candidate application per trade discipline.

IT provides 15 various testing sites around Iowa to schedule your exam. The fee for each exam attempt is $99 paid to Kirkwood. In fact, you can upgrade your HVAC license to master’s level with a two-year Journeyman level background.

To apply for a master’s license, you have to.

  • Provide criminal background evidence.
  • A master licensing exam certificate held by The IPMSB.

To take part in the exam, meet the following requirements.

  • Issue a master’s license in another jurisdiction.
  • Have a journeyman license with two years of experience.

How to apply for a master’s license

The criteria for applying to the master license exam are the same as of the journeyman exam test.


An Environmental Protection Agency license is necessary for both journeyman and master levels. It includes 80 multiple-choice questions to complete within three hours. The fee is $120. This approval is valid among all the states and has no expiration date.

However, those who want to build their own HVAC-R business, will need a contractor’s license. However, it does not require any experience or testing proof.

To get a contractor’s license in Iowa, you must.

  • Provide the paperwork required by IPMSB.
  • Submit the third-party insurance and the surety bond fee.
  • Have a valid unemployment insurance number.
  • Provide proof to have a permanent place of business.
  • Submit an HVAC master-level technician license.

The contractor’s license fee is $250.

How much does an HVAC school cost in Iowa?

The cost of HVAC training may vary depending on the program you choose.
A three to five-year apprentice course will cost you about $500-$2,000, for instance.
The tuition fee of community colleges varies. For in-state students, one year of learning will cost $4,868. Out-of-state students have to pay $8,614 per year.

How long does it take to get an HVAC license in Iowa?

HVAC license acquisition in Iowa is a phased process. Hence, the completion of a registered apprentice program is about 4 years. The journey person level takes additional two years licensing. If you have two years background of a journeyman level, be free to apply for the master’s. The contractor’s level needs some additional experience. It will take two years of work experience at the master’s level.

How to check an HVAC license in Iowa?

To find HVAC licensed specialists in Iowa visit this website.

What states reciprocate with the Iowa HVAC license?

One state that gives the out-of-state license can give the HVAC Technician License for IOWA . In fact, you will need the interchange agreement only for journeyman and muster plumbing licenses.

How do I renew my HVAC license in Iowa?

You must submit an online or a paper application for renewal. Afterwards, you will need to pay the renewal fee. To renew your license, you will need to meet the education requirements.

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