Iowa Insurance License

Iowa Insurance License

Thinking of becoming an insurance agent in Iowa? You’d be better to start with market research. You can be either an independent insurance agent or have your own insurance agency.

Find out how to become an Insurance agent in Iowa and how to apply for your license. Moreover, learn how to use the Iowa insurance license lookup tool to check the validity of the license.

How do I get my insurance license in Iowa?

You should apply to the NIPR licensing center to get an insurance license in Iowa. And, depending on the services you are going to provide and what types of policies you want to sell, you can choose either a Property and Casualty Insurance license or Life and Health Insurance license. But, if you want you can choose both.

Steps to apply for the Iowa Insurance License

  • Firstly, complete the pre-licensing education. Although the state of Iowa doesn’t require to take certain credits to be able to apply for the license, you’d better get ready for the exam.
  • Secondly, pass the insurance license exam. Depending on the license type you will need to pass one of the following exams: Life, accident and health. The exam fee is $69. Property and casualty exam fee is again $49. For the separate Life, Accident and Health, Property, and Casualty licenses, you should pass the separate exams. The fee for each exam is $49.
  • After that, you can apply for the license. The application fee is $55. While submitting your application your background check will also be needed.

After submitting your application, you will not receive any feedback. So, you check your license status through the State Based Systems website. And, when you find your license, you will be able to obtain the hardcopy.

What disqualifies you from getting an insurance license in IOWA?

To obtain an Iowa Insurance license you should pass the pre-licensing exam, and complete a criminal background check. During a year you can retake your pre-licensing exam three times. If you fail, you will not be able to apply for your license.

Moreover, if you have done something that can affect your background, that can be a reason to be disqualified to get an insurance license in Iowa.

Is the insurance license test hard in IOWA?

Insurance license tests are considered to be difficult. But if you get ready for that exam and complete a pre-licensing course, you can pass it easily. In short, the exam consists of two sections, which check your general knowledge and specifics for the state of Iowa. The passing score is 70%.

The Life insurance exam consists of 77 questions, the Accident and health exam is 80 questions, the Property exam is 83 questions and the Casualty exam consists of 85 questions.

You can register for your exam and find more information on the PearsonVue page.

How do I renew my insurance license in Iowa?

Use the Iowa insurance division license renewal tool for online renewal, and pay $50. But, you should complete your continuing education and apply for the license renewal within 90 days before the expiration. The renewal period is two years.

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