Iowa Security License

Iowa Security License

Check the Iowa security license guide to get acquainted with the special policy of licensure. The article gives the necessary instructions to apply for it.

The region does not provide state-issued authorization to residents. Yet, the Department of Public Safety gives ID cards to employees for legal operation. Note that the board issues credentials under the name of a certain company. Thus, people can use their credentials while working for a private agency. However, if they want to work for more than one agency, they should get a second card.

Officers might carry a weapon with them while working. They might also operate without any type of equipment. The candidates for an unarmed guard certificate should correspond to several points. They must:

  • Have clear criminal background
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Not be a drug or alcohol user
  • Have good character
  • Have no history of repeated crime
  • Be without any mental diseases
  • Not be charged with illegal weapons

To complete the registration, people should pay a $10 fee. While delivering the permanent document, the board provides temporary credentials. They are valid for two weeks.

Private safety licenses

Peace officers cannot have personal safety allowances. However, they can operate a personal business under the guidance of an executive. The fee is $100.

Iowa Security License and Armed Guard Requirements

This certificate is available for those who have employee IDs and firearm permits. Besides, people should have a high school diploma (or its equivalent). They should not have problems with substance abuse. Also, the candidates should not be engaged in any felony or misdemeanor. The same goes for Kentucky.

The fingerprint samples are necessary. Successful completion of training is also essential. After that, participants get a weapon permit. It will prevent from unsecured use of a gun.

Iowa has two firearm training programs. They are designed for professional and non-professional applicants. Both of them include a four-hour course. There is a qualified instructor, who administers final exams. Even so, the courses for professional applicants differ. They involve extra demands so that the candidates qualify for a shooting range.

The local Sheriff’s office grants firearms permits to those who complete the program. Before that, it makes sure whether they have any convictions or not. FBI department does the check.

Security License Renewal in Iowa

Those who renew documents should follow some instructions set by the sheriff. In addition, the procedure might include an exam, a training course on a shooting range.

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